Thursday, 22 November 2018

Four Hives

So after a two week holiday at Raul the Beekeeper's place our two new hives were returned with a healthy queen in each and a pumping hive of bees. 

Since then we have been checking our hives every two weeks to make sure things are all good. 

Last week however, Sharna and her Dad noticed a few bees swarming indicating something was happening in one of our hives. 

We have just been out to check them this morning and we have had some bees swarm on us. Hive number 4 has lost it's Queen and as a result some of the bees have taken off to find somewhere to better to settle. 

However, it is not bad news as all we need to do is introduce a new queen into the hive where some bees have decided to stay and continue to make honey. 

Hive 1 is looking healthy with plenty of brood. Hive 2 is our most pumping hive and would be our biggest and Hive 3 is building up it's population as well. 

If the weather continues the way it is we are going to be extracting a whole lot more honey than last year which is really exciting news!!

Some drone bees

The team checking the hives

A frame full of honey and brood cells

If you look closely you can see our Queen. She has a big yellow bottom. 

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