Thursday, 11 October 2018

Splitting our hives

So the last Thursday of Term 3 was a super exciting day for us as it was the day we were going to split our hive! 

In the week prior to this the children had been very busy researching hive splitting, how to do it, why, when and have created iMovies with their information. Be sure to check back in on our blog next week as we are hoping to get them uploaded. 

So the morning began with putting up the gazebo so those of us who weren't going in bee suits could still get close to the action and see what was going on. The gazebo has two mesh sides so we can stand on the inside and position it nice and close to the beehives. 

Then Raul and his team of helpers were into action. First they had to check the hive and make sure the queen was in the bottom box before the top box was taken off and sealed up to be transported into Raul's place. Once he gets this bee box full of workers bees back to his place he waits 24 hours for the old queens pheromones to fade and then introduces a new queen into the hive which the bees adjust to and accept as their new queen. 

Raul surprised us all and split both of our hives so we will double to four hives in the new term. Honey extraction is going to be a lot busier next season!

Check out the action shots below! We are looking forward to getting our new hives back on Friday!

Healthy looking hive

Inserting Veroa treatment strips

Down the bottom of the frame the light yellow are honey cells. The big rounded one towards the top are drone cells. 

Sugar syrup to keep our bees well fed

Adding the frames we made into our hives so the bees can start to make honey on them

Two boxes, one from each of our hives, ready for the trip to Raul the Beekeeper's place for a 3 week holiday

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