Sunday, 16 September 2018

Bee Aware Month

So September is Bee Aware Month which is aimed at raising the awareness and information around our fantastic honey bee.

Since we already know a lot about bees since we have our own our Bee Aware Month is busy preparing to split a hive. This will be the first time we have split a hive and will take our hive numbers from 2 to 3 hives which mean more yummy Toko School honey next year!

At the moment we have been super busy designing and painting our bee boxes for our new hive. Once we have these all finished we will screw them together and fill them with the wooden frames that we have built.

Raul the Beekeeper is in on Thursday to help us split our hive. He will take some bees out of our existing hive and move them into the new beehive and take them into town to his place. Here they will stay for 2 weeks and he will introduce a new queen into the hive. The beehive needs to be taken a minimum of 6km's from school as that is the distance of a bee's flying radius.

At the beginning of Term 4 Raul the Beekeeper will return the hive to school with it's new queen and it will begin to build it's numbers so it can make lots of yummy honey for us.

Exciting times ahead!



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